Packaging & Product Identification - Small 2.5" Long

  • 45000

Custom Printed Brand Bands 2.5" 

Brand Bands are available in printed and non-printed varieties in a host of colors.  Even custom colors are an option (see pricing).  Additional sizes and options are available.  If you don't see what you are looking for, don't assume we can't do it.  Call if what you are looking for is not shown.

These bands are perfect for color-coding and labeling (or other packaging) for the Food Service Industry. These bands provide a soft, easy stretch with an exceptionally high band count per pound.  Choose from a variety of standard colors, or ask for custom color options.  

  • High band count per pound
  • 100% Non-Latex
  • A variety of lengths and widths to choose from (2.5" up to 10″ flat length)
  • Widths available from 3/8" to 1" (call for more options)
  • Priced per band with steep discounts for volume ordering
  • Allow 14-21 days for shipment
  • All bands are also available in an unprinted version at a discount
*Brand Bands are subject to the special considerations for custom bands and due to the properties of this product, custom colors are subject to factory approval.  Upon ordering, a short consultation call or email will follow to confirm details of your order to communicate order details.  Initial orders please select "Art Fee $75" as an option.  Repeat orders select "Repeat Order - No Fee" to avoid the one-time art fee.

Custom orders (ordering non-standard colors or sizes) will be conducted via phone or email and additional terms and conditions may apply.

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