Cart provides the best quality rubber bands available.  We carry American-made rubber bands from the largest producer in the USA.  You can learn more about the manufacturer at

We offer:

  • Custom Printed Rubber Bands - Standard, Non-Latex, and Silicone
  • Rubber Bands in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.  
  • HIGH Count per Pound (CPP) - Because we sell the best bands available, our bands are made of premium rubber content.  That means more bands per pound.  Rubber bands are sold by the pound, so getting the most out of those pounds is important. 
  • Expert service and advice - We can help you determine your best possible options by providing free samples and expert advice. 
  • Great Price/Value - Compare our prices and see for yourself that we offer the best overall value available when you look at service, quality, shipping time, options, freight, and overall cost.  


  • We sell the highest quality rubber bands in the industry.
  • Our bands are backed by the largest producer of rubber bands in the USA
  • Quick shipping.
  • Free samples*

Our Product Warranty 

Our Rubber Bands are the highest quality bands that you can purchase.  They are almost exclusively manufactured in the USA.  In 13 years of selling Alliance Rubber products, we have had almost no returns.  We guarantee to replace any defective product for up to 180 days from the date of purchase (provided they are stored properly*).  Custom bands that are not made to the specifications communicated upon or prior to purchase will also be remade if they fail to comply with the communicated specifications.  Partial cases, or used product, is/are not refundable.  No returns of any product(s) will be permitted without an RMA from  Custom products, by their nature, are not products that we can resell if the produced product is simply not to your liking, but these products are guaranteed to meet specifications communicated prior to purchase.  


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