Are all rubber bands the same?

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Rubber bands are a little like you and I.  They have a purpose, a job.  Just like you might be good at something that maybe I am not, the same holds true for rubber bands.  Each band's construction and content makes it ideal for a specific job.  We sell a band for just about any purpose, but how do you know which band is right for you? 

We have 3 primary grades of bands:  Pale Crepe Gold, Sterling, and Advantage.  Like your favorite sports team has different star players, our team of bands shine in different ways.  Which one is right for you depends on what you want that band to do.  In some cases, any band will do, but if you are curious about specific band-advantages and differences, read on.

Pale Crepe Gold (PCG) offers a soft stretch, and they are easy on the hands and your wallet.  Rubber bands are most often bought by the pound, but what is in those cases matters.  For example, a Size 32 rubber band is as common as they come.  It measures 3" long and 1/8" thick.  In PCG you would get a whopping 1100 bands per pound.  Competitive products may only have 550.  I have had people tell me they saved 20% per pound, but got 50% less product.  Sure they got 50 lbs, but only half as many bands. That means they had to buy twice as much and only saved 20%.  Not hard to see the irony in the notion that there was any "savings" in that equation.  Pale Crepe is all about great value and being kind on the hands of the folks that have to use them.

Sterling Grade bands come next in our offering.  These are like chameleons.  They have some of the advantages of PCG above and some benefits of our Advantage line (below).  Sterling takes well to printing and we offer these in custom printed and custom sizes.  We even can custom order these in a non-latex formula if you'd prefer.  Sterling has a firmer grip than PCG.  That same size 32 band in Sterling Grade yields 950 bands per pound.  If you are not sure what you need, you probably need Sterling.  

Advantage Grade offers the tightest grip.  Still no slouch, in a size 32 you'd get a generous 700 bands per pound and when you need something strong and affordable, Advantage is a bargain.    

You can buy rubber bands from a lot of online sources.  Both wholesale and retail.  We can help you decide what band is best for you and in many cases we can provide free samples.  Maybe you need a custom rubber band, with glow in the dark print, or you want something big and bold.  Perhaps you are banding clothing and hats, or shampoo and conditioner, or you need shellfish, lobster, or crab bands in a stock or custom size.  No matter what you need, I'd love to help.  If you have questions about rubber bands used with food products, custom printed rubber bands, custom colors, custom sizes, scented rubber bands, non-latex bands, exercise bands, packing bands, manufacturing uses, toys, game call rubber bands, or any other products, reach out to us and let us know how we can serve you and help you get the best product for your job.  We would happily provide more information and if possible, a sample of just the right band for the job.

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