Rubber Bands: Size 10 Sterling Rubber Bands - 25 lb BULK Pack

  • 11000
  • Save $ 13000

#10 Sterling Grade Rubber Bands.  Size:  1.25" X 1/16".  Count per lb: 5000.  Case Quantity:  125,000 Bands.  Packed as 1 single 25 lb Case.  Note: Also available in 1 lb packaging in smaller 10 lb cases. 

The best value per rubber band. It has a high percentage of rubber content and an excellent count per pound. Sterling® is highly recommended for fast application and repeat use.

  • Available standard in crepe (natural tan), red, blue, green
  • High rubber content
  • Excellent band count per pound
  • Recommended for repeated use
  • Optionally available in 1 lb boxes or bulk packaging

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