Corner 2 Corner, 4-Way Bands, Die Cut Custom

  • 2495

Corner 2 Corner  -  Priced per Case (12 Packs / 36 Bands)

Get a corner on your projects.

These uniquely designed bands are made from one continuous piece of rubber that easily stretches from 8.5" to 24". The innovative design allows the band to fasten over all four corners of the object you are securing, keeping it in one neat bundle.

 OR SELECT 4-Way Bands

4-Way Bands

Use your imagination to find all the ways you can use 4-Way Bands to simplify holding your world together!

• Secure Packing & Moving Boxes
• Great For Quick Gift Wrapping
• Contain Reports & Printouts
• Bundle Books & Magazines
• Perfect For Scrapbooks

Item #07875 - 8.5" 4-Way Bands - 3/pk and 12 packs per case.  


Fun, Bright, Colors.  Packed in small cartons of 12 packs. Each package has 3 bands.  Total of 36 bands to a carton.  See also part number 07875 4-Way bands.


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