Copy of Imprinted PLU Bands - Asparagus SIZE 63 PURPLE - 3" X 1/4"

  • 24800

Standard Asparagus SIZE 63 PURPLE Printed Bands listed in pricing

Part number 828024-080273.  This product, it is a Size 63 PURPLE ASPARAGUS BAND. It measures 3" X .25" 

PRINT READS:  "Asparagus #4080 Produce of USA"  Please be sure to choose the weight you wish to order from the dropdown/product selection list.  Sold by the number of pounds you are ordering. 

Optional CUSTOM branding is also available.  Simply choose that on the list and we will contact you to collect samples of what you wish to print on the bands.  (Your produce with your name, your website and/or your promotion will give you greater recognition and encourage brand loyalty).

Contact for PLU bulk pricing!  Sold by the 25 lb case.  400 bands/ lb. 

You do not have to order in the specified bulk prices shown.  Call for any non-listed pricing on any volume from 25 lbs and up.  Call for more details. 

Our produce and floral products:

  • Meet all FDA requirements for direct food contact
  • Are waterproof
  • Will never leave brown water spots or rust stains
  • Will not cut into your tender items
  • Allow consumers to see and touch the product

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